Pregnancy Care With
Normal Delivery in Aurangabad and LSCS

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Pregnancy care consists of prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) healthcare for expectant mothers. It involves treatments and trainings to ensure a healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and labor and delivery for mom and baby.get the best normal delivery in Aurangabad 

Normal Delivery

Every delivery is as unique and individual as each mother and infant. In addition, women may have completely different experiences with each new labor and delivery. Giving birth is a life-changing event that will leave an impression on you for the rest of your life. Of course, you’ll want this to be a positive experience and to know what to expect. Here’s some information about what may happen as you’re delivering your baby. get the best normal delivery in Aurangabad from Dr.pooja mulay 

How Potent Is the Pill?

Birth control pills are thought to be effective, but not perfect. When taken correctly, they are around 99% effective.

But only if you take them exactly, that is, at the same time every day. If you don’t, your chances of falling pregnant increase by 9%.Get the best painless Delivery in Aurangabad from Dr.pooja Mulay 

Pill Classification

Birth control pills come in a variety of forms, including combination pills and mini-pills. Whatever type you use, it’s critical to take them exactly as directed, even on days when you don’t have sex.

You can either take one pack of combination pills once a month or the hormone pills continually to delay or stop your periods. Skipping or eliminating your periods is generally regarded safe, but you should discuss this option with your doctor and then follow their recommendations on when to take the tablet.

ombination tablets include both estrogen and progestin. A combined pill pack typically contains 21 to 24 days of hormones and 4 to 7 days of reminder pills. You should have your period while taking the tablet reminders.

The Pill and Alcohol

Whether or not it’s a good idea, alcohol and sex frequently coexist. Drinking alcohol will not affect the effectiveness of your birth control tablets. However, because effective pill use is dependent on memory, you’ll need to plan ahead of time if you intend to drink.


A lower (uterine) segment Caesarean section (LSCS) is the most commonly used type of Caesarean section. Most commonly to deliver the baby a transverse incision is made in the lower uterine segment above the attachment of the urinary bladder to the uterus. This type of incision results in less blood loss and is easier to repair than other types of Caesarean sections.

A vertical incision in the lower uterine segment may be performed in the following circumstances:

    • presence of lateral varicosities
    • constriction ring to cut through it
    • deeply engaged head

The location of an LSCS is beneficial for the following reasons:

    • peritoneum is more loosely attached to the uterus
    • contraction is less than in upper part of uterus
    • healing is more efficient
    • sutures are intact (less problem with suture loosening)