Dr. Pooja Mule

Painless Dilevery

Expecting a baby is one of the most memorable journeys of a woman’s life. The physical and hormonal changes that come along with it are unique. If you are pregnant, it is obvious for you to worry about labor& the pain you are going to face during the labor process. Modern medicine has brought about some …

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High risk preganacy treatment in Nashik

High Risk Pregnancy

  High-Risk Pregnancy A high-risk pregnancy is a pregnancy that involves increased health risks for the pregnant person, fetus or both. Certain health conditions and your age (being over 35 or under 17 when pregnant) can make a pregnancy high risk. These pregnancies require close monitoring to reduce the chance of complications. What is a high-risk pregnancy? …

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Endoscopy Surgery

Endoscopy Endoscopy is the insertion of a long, thin tube directly into the body to observe an internal organ or tissue in detail. It can also be used to carry out other tasks, including imaging and minor surgery. Endoscopies are minimally invasive and involve openings of the body such as the mouth or anus. Alternatively, …

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Definition According to the Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology, “[i]n Adlerian psychology, a combination of an erroneous belief of an individual that they are unable to cope with some aspect of life because of a real or imagined physical or psychological deficiency, feelings of depression, and a cessation of coping efforts in that area”. In another …

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Gynecological signs and symptoms that require medical attention

Gynecological signs and symptoms that require medical attention- Vaginal bleeding and discharge are a normal part of your menstrual period prior to menopause. However, if you notice anything strange or new, consult your Gynaecologist before attempting to treat the problem yourself. Symptoms may result from mild viruses that are easy to treat. But, if they are not …

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